This is a list of Di'angelo episodes/specials that are in the works, confirmed, or otherwise known of being made, but don't have names or plots yet. Do not add any fake episodes or episodes not confirmed by Rigbybestie or Kids Channell! Studios.

List of EpisodesEdit

S5/E00: This episode exploits the history behind Ace and Erasi.

S5/E00: Di'angelo and company go up against an seemingly impossible to defeat monster.

S0/E00: Sonja and Di'angelo stay over at her distant aunt's house, with her very suspicious cousin.

S0/E00: Riggles teaches Di'angelo about Archery.


List of SpecialsEdit

S4/E1a: TBA

S4/E1b: TBA

S4/E1c: TBA

S5/E1a: TBA

S5/E1b: TBA

S6/E1a: TBA

S6:E1b: TBA

Unknown Type PlotsEdit

S0/E00: (planned special) The gates of Utopia stop being able to change Sonja into an animal of sort and being able to notice when a human enters the land. After a chain of unfortunate events, Sonja is found, all of the rulers are feuding and now Di'angelo and co. has to calm everything down before Utopia is exposed to Earth, Sonja is executed (just for being a human!), and the whole land and everyone and everything that lives in it is lost forever.