The Simplicity of Milo is an upcoming episode of Di'angelo.

Milo Profile
"Dummkopfs! Dummkopfs EVERYWHERE!"
This episode features Milo.
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The Simplicity of Milo
Di'angelo dragging Milo outside
"Come on, Milo, we're going outside to play!" "Where we're going? I dunno anything, you're the smart one."
Season 4, Episode TBA
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Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie, TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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Milo recieves a bump on the head, while working, and becomes a simpleton, like most of the other characters. In fact, he's more stupid than Di'angelo and Sparki put together. Domino comes along and notices it right away and wants to help him, but Di'angelo refuses, after Domino mistakingly reminds him of Milo never spends any time with him normally like this. The both of them run away, with Milo causing problems with his ignorance.



  • This episode shows that if Milo were to be hit on the head with something, instead of him recieving amnesia, he becomes ignorant.


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