Shaggy Sheepdog is one of the main characters in Di'angelo.

Shaggy Template October 2013
Biographical Information
Home: Utopia
Occupation: N/A
Species: Sheepdog/Bloodhound Mix Stuffed Animal
Gender: Male
Hair color: White/Mocha/Dark Brown
Eye color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: TBA
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "Pilot"


Shaggy is a constantly asleep, seemingly aloof, and quiet stuffie. As explained by Rigbybestie and Di'angelo, he has a severe case of narcolepsy. However, he seems to be in a conscious coma. He's also not as aloof as he seems to be. He's the wisest out of the twelve of them. He usually gives the characters anecedotes and words of the wisdom, but they tend to ignore him. At the climax of the episodes, the exact thing he told them seems to be exactly the fix to the situation. Because of this, it's thought that Shaggy's constantly asleep because he focuses on some kind of "psychic energy" (in which he predicts things). However, it's probably just Shaggy being lucky with guessing (...all of the time...). Shaggy sleeps in a house filled with pillows (Inshagniac) and beds (Sheepwalking). He also seems to have a teddy bear that he sets down on a certain pillow (possibly the one that he sleeps on commonly).

It's been wondered if Shaggy just hangs out with Di'angelo and Co., because they protect him, or if he actually likes them. Another common question is if he likes Westley, because the two seem to hang out a lot. As Di'angelo states, "Shaggy likes everyone."

Shaggy seems to be able to move himself around, with his eyes closed, by walking with his upper half and dragging his lower half. However, in Inshagniac, he's able to pick his whole self up. Other times, usually the other characters pick him up and carry him, due to how slow he moves (so he's out of harm's way).



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