Bat'angelo is one of Di'angelo's forms in the series. He appears in Bat'angelo Country.

Biographical Information
Home: Dog Town
Occupation: N/A
Species: Werewolf/Vampire Bat/Siberian Husky Stuffed Animal Mix Hybrid
Gender: Male
Hair color: Fur: Gray/Light Gray

Wings: Teal-Blue/Light Denim

Eye color: Yellow
Show Information
Voiced by: Rigbybestie
Appears in: "Bat'angelo Country"
First appearance: "Bat'angelo Country"
Latest appearance: "Bat'angelo Country"


Bat'angelo is what Di'angelo turned into after being bit by a Vampire Bat he was trying to pet. Similar to that of the Hulk, he changes into him when he's angry, upset, or fearful in any way. It first occurs after Milo and Sparki follow after him, to see where he's going (Sparki, mostly out of paranoia), and he believes they're trying to harm him. So, out of upset, confusion and fear, he changes into this form. In this form, he's extremely aggressive and willing to attack for the slightest thing. However, once Milo and Sparki calms him down, he changes back. After he does, he doesn't even realize what happens.

Also, during this form, he becomes extremely hungry at the drop of a hat and attacks neighboring dogs who were unfortunate enough to sit outside during the night, the same as the other Vampire Bats. He's inable to talk, but is able to express his emotions through his facial expressions. He constantly hisses, growls and snarls to get his point across, too. He's able to use his wings amazingly well, despite the many other times he's been given wings and failed with them. 


Bat'angelo has raggedy, dirty fur that's two shades of gray (normal and dark), erect ears (that of a normal husky and of a bat) with pink on the inside, instead of white as usual, piercing yellow eyes (that are always fixed in an angry look), fangs, and clawed paws that have a black paw pad in the middle of them. He also sprouted a pair of teal-blue wings with light denim blue in the middle of them.  


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